Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finally... Kentucky

After the longest day in my recent her-story going thru the edges of the storm heading to Sandy I finally woke up to some sun.

The sky became a beautiful blue with a nice sun as the day went on... with that clear sky was quite a bit of wind.

I guess I was still a bit tired from the day before because I missed my exit at Elizabethtown and ended up down in Bowling Green before heading west to my parents.  The wind was harsh at times which made the day long.  Once I started heading west the wind picked up a lot.  My head was whipping around a bit trying to keep myself in my lane.  It would be really strong from the north and constant then all of a sudden it would stop and the wind would whip me from the south.  Not all that fun.  

I finally made it to my parent's house exhausted and sore from all the wind, hydroplaning and such... but I wouldn't give up the experience for the world.  Can't wait to get on the road again!!

I will be here with my parents until Turkey day.  I haven't been able to spend time with them in person for over 2 1/2 years.  I have a ton to do during that time... gotta organize, get my promotional material together and start raising funds for BlueRoad.  Stay tuned!

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