Monday, May 21, 2018

How to Support Patches, Yoska & Esmeralda

There are many ways to show your support for our travels and sharing our life with you.

  • Become a Patron and follow our adventure for as little as $1 a month. This helps us meet our goals of writing books, creating a website and being able to share more about our odd little adventure life as we take it further into sustainable, simple living and heading out of the US to become world travelers. Check out to learn all about our plans we hope to start by the end of 2018.
  • You can also follow us on Instagram.  The more follower the more likely we are to get the interests of Sponsors.@TravelsWithYoYoAndEzzie
  • Have a small business? We are open to Sponsors from products to financial backing. Send an email to
  • Don't want to make a monthly contribution but can make a one time contribution? You can go to PayPal for a one time donation or to setup a monthly reoccurring payment with a website you trust. Or you can email with your preferred way to make a donation. 
  • Check out our Amazon Wish List to see what we need and send us an email with what you can help with.
  • Download the Shopkick FREE app, use code WIN581789 and help us and you receive gift cards for what we need. (Earn points within 7 days of download to give us 250 points towards a gift card)

Of course share our adventure with a your friends.  The only way to get out there is from the help of our followers. If you are interested in doing an interview for your blog, podcast or media outlet send us an email. We love sharing our story with those who ask.

**Each time we make a pledge goal on Patreon we will have a giveaway.  Each $1 you pledge on Patreon is 1 entry.  Example: pledge $1 = 1 entry, pledge $20 = 20 entries.


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