Sunday, April 21, 2019

Items I have found helpful for the Road

I spent Saturday showing off Blue, TicTac and how we are living simply at Earthfest in Patagonia Arizona.

If you would like us to come to your event shoot us an email.

Here are a few items I have found helpful on the road.  If you purchase from these links it helps me out.

First is the solar panel and electric generator.  These are great for my little use of energy.  I can charge my phone and iPad and I have even run a little crock pot with the generator.  The solar panel folds up and weighs very little. The 60W is perfect to charge the generator and I can also charge my phone and iPad directly from the panel... it even runs my little sewing machine.

Luci Lights take care of all my lighting needs and it is solar.  I got rid of the house battery in TicTac to save weight.  I hated the house lights so my friend gave me a luci light instead.  I love them! They now have one that supposedly charges your phone. They take up little space, lightweight and I use them as my light source inside and outside of TicTac.  These would be great for any household and for emergencies.  Just be sure to keep them charged in the sun.  I have charged mine though the window or just putting it on top of TicTac.

Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradeable except for the bristles and my way to go one step closer to zero waste.  It's a little odd at first because it taste like a tongue depresser but you get use to it quickly. 
Canning food can be done on the road.  I use a pressure cooker for 4 cans and I save tons of money on food and NO waste!! This is a little heavy for the hiker burner so I have this burner that can use eitheer butane or propane and much more power and durability.  I use it with the coleman small green propane tanks and it works great!
I also bought some of those white cheap towels I use for about everything.  I now store my water in 3 of the 3 gallon bottles you can easily pick up at Walmart for water storage that will last me almost 2 weeks.
I'm still looking for the perfect solution to my soda needs.  I have tried a few different water bottles and growlers but nothing has worked so far.  
Working on funding for the conversion of Blue into an electric motoryccle... and no I don't want that Harley electric coming out.  I plan to rebuild myself as I will need to be able to fix it when it breaks. I have some great ideas about that which you can follow along on Patreon for that information.

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That's our quick update!
Thank you for your support!!
Patches, Yoska & Esmeralda

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