Saturday, February 29, 2020

Time for a book to be written!

I have decided it is time to write a book... but a book for our Patrons... this book will not be sold to the public. I am looking to get 5000 patrons by June 2020. If this goal is made I will spend the next year writing a book about our life on the road while updating everyone on the progress and travels on Patreon only. Then it is time to say goodbye to sharing our life. If we don't make 5000 patrons by the end of June 2020 we will then say goodbye at that time.

If you give $1 a month for at least a year you will receive a digital coppy. For $5 or more a month for at least 1 year you will receive a hard copy. Other perks and sponsorships you can view on our Patreon page.

Stop by and check out our Patreon page today!


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