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Traveling Garden 12/11/16

 I have been working very part time the last couple weeks packing and shipping items for Bootstrap Farmer. They sell items to help you set up a greenhouse in your back yard. They gave me a few grow bags to try out and I decided I am going to start a small grow bag garden to take with me on the road. 

A few considerations:

Weight is always a consideration. 

1) because I don't want to be lifting heavy bags in and out of TicTac every day.

2) weight in the trailer is always something to consider. I want the trailer light for an easier pull and less strain on the bike.

Weight will be a contributing factor to what type of soil I use.

Since the garden will be small I want to grow food that is high in nutrients and hardy because the weather and conditions will always be changing.

I also have to think about water... where will the water come from and how I can keep the plants watered without using too much of a resource Yoska and I also need. The plants will also be traveling on my bed and then taken out when we stop. I sure don't want to sleep on a wet bed every night so this is also something to consider... when to water and how to transport.

I am going to start from seed this week while I am at my friend's house to get them growing in a stable environment.  They will have a couple weeks to get their roots. 

Pictures to come after the plants are planted. I will also give detail on what I decided to plant, soil used and how I decided to transport.

I have a black thumb so should be interesting.

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