Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bad Hair Day

So I thought I would get a hair cut.  I was pretty excited because the beauty school here in Santa Fe has $4 haircuts on Tuesday.  Something I could afford. haha  Really how could they mess it up... right??

Well... it was as if I was sitting on a slope.  The girl working on my hair cut it completely crooked... about  1/2 an inch longer on one side than the other.  What was really frustrating is a teacher never once walked by to check her work.  I told her I wanted the length of the hair to not go past my hair line from my ears to the back of my head... so she shaved this little bitty area around the back of my head.  So odd.

As soon as I got home I took out the scissors and started trying to make it at least a little more even.  It looks a bit better but I am fighting the urge to shave it off and start again.  I'm a little vain with the hair.  I shaved my head so I wouldn't have to deal with crappy hair cuts.  I think I will be done for a while of paying to get my hair cut.

I think of this time in college my best friend said she could cut my hair.  So I let her.  It was also quite crooked so the RA said she could fix it... crooked but the opposite way.  Luckily there was a girl in the dorms who was actually trained in cutting hair and she fixed it.

I am going to try again to just let it be. :)

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