Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fabulous February

We are only on the second day of February and I am already feeling and seeing the Fabulous.

I want to invite you all to join us for the Fabulous again this year.   This is the 3rd year of We Are Fabulous in February(and All the Other Days of the Year).  We doubled the participants last year and hoping for the biggest year yet!

January has got to be one of the hardest months to love yourself. All the ads of weight loss and the new you for the new year. Everyone seems to have some sort of resolution that has to deal with something physical instead of having the resolution of loving yourself just the way you are.

So the month of February is to regain your self and realizing you are Fabulous
just the way you are.

We Are Fabulous in February is for Eating Disorder Awareness and for us all to realize just how
Fabulous we are.

Each day for the month of February post as your Facebook/Twitter status one thing you think is Fabulous about yourself.

Spread the Fabulous by telling someone in your life just how Fabulous you think they are.

We also started Fabulous Sunday Selfie.  You can post a selfie past or present and see the Fabulous that you are!

Have your friends join in so when you get stuck you can use a life line and ask a friend for a Fabulous thing about you.

Then for the rest of the year when you have one of those days that you don't think you are so Fabulous you can look back at We Are Fabulous in February and remember 28 Fabulous things
about you.

You can put #FabFeb at the end so the world can see just how Fabulous everyone is.

If you have a friend who wants to participate but is not on social media or if you are
uncomfortable with posting your Fabulous on social media you all can still participate by writing the Fabulous thing on a piece of paper and posting it on the physical wall of a room, on the fridge or mirror, or even put them in a jar so one can reach in and see how fabulous they are... or even thinking about it and not writing it anywhere...whatever makes it work.

Let's put the media back in their place and regain the Fabulous!

You are Fabulous!!

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