Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Mexico... Enchanted

I don't know what it is with New Mexico that it never seems to let me leave when I want to.  Last year I got stuck in Las Cruces Walmart for days because of wind and weather.  Had to rethink my travel plans and head east.

This year it is more mechanical issues.  When I left yesterday I had to stop at the Harley shop in Albuquerque to get a rear tire.  Not a big deal.  I was quite thankful I chose to go there because they really took a look at everything on Blue.  They found a few leaks and my Y- pipe that goes to my mufflers was completely spit in 2.  They said I could make it to the next place but it will be loud.  I had noticed Blue got louder when I entered New Mexico.  The thing that is frustrating is I have been to 5 mechanics this year.  I have to get my rear tire changed every 4000+ miles because of the weight of the trailer and stopped to get some other issues taken care of.  No one ever looked and checked over the whole bike... there should of been at least a crack or something.

Owell... I have really chilled since being on the road.  All the info didn't phase me one bit.  I just told them I need function not beauty and so the rear tire was all I needed.  Then I had to stop off to cash a check and with the help of a life line (my friends and family I call to find things for me) I got there just in time.  Walmart wouldn't cash it so I thought I was going to be stuck in Albuquerque... I'm not a fan of Albuquerque... except not their Harley shop. ;)

So I thought for sure that would be it... then I realized I really had to change one tire on the trailer today.  It wore funny and I really didn't want to experience a blow out.  So I stopped at a Walmart tire center this morning in Gallup, NM.    They didn't have the tire but said Pep Boys would.  I called and they said they had the tire but would not put it on the trailer.  I ended up riding over to Pep Boys which was only a couple blocks away and got the tire and brought it back to Walmart for them to put on.  I had to wait, of course, for 2 hours.  So I wandered around... tried to put some Quick Steel stuff on the Y-pipe (which of course broke 2 hours later when I started the bike... will try again later) and of course had a few conversations with people coming over to check out my rig.  All and all not a bad morning/afternoon.  The only problem is the wind picked up once afternoon hit so now I am at the Arizona border... I can see the sign and everything... for the next few hours/ or night until the wind dies down.

I hope that once I cross the border into Arizona the time suck will be done.

Oh and a bad mommy moment.  I forgot to tape the computer drawer so it wouldn't fly out while in transport this morning and it landed on poor Poco.  That poor dog always gets the bad end of the deal... he just isn't fast enough.  So he has a big of a swollen side of his face and a really guilty feeling mommy.  :(

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