Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wish the clouds would roll by

I am missing the sun of the west... Maybe I am going through withdrawls.  This cloudy, dreary of the east is getting to me.  Days of rain and days of clouds and if the sun does show itself it is for a short time.  I thought a good ride yesterday would give me  energy and smiles but it didn't.  Felt great to be on the road but I think it is sun I am craving.  This coming week there are a couple of days forecasted with sun so I am going to sit outside as much as possible.  

I am enjoying meeting and spending in person time with the people I work with.  It is always fun to meet someone in person you only knew through the internet.  You are "meeting" them for the first time but could have a lengthy conversation like you have known each other forever.  I probably know the people I meet online better than people I meet for the first time in person.  For whatever reason the many barriers people put up, including myself, in person are not there in the virtual world.  Maybe it is the safety of not interacting in real time or everyone is interacting within their comfort zone instead of meeting awkwardly in a hallway or public function.  Who knows.  

I have a couple more weeks here in the east and hoping I have a few fabulous sunny days.  I did get a preview of the fabulous days here but it was short lived.  I have a few weekend plans with friends the next couple of weekends.  Having lunch today with a friend in Kingston, NY, will be meeting a few friends I met while working at Amazon the following weekends.  I need to find an interesting adventure while out here also.  I have been thinking of doing a biplane ride of the Jersey coast.  For some reason riding in a biplane has been on my to do list.  Not sure how it got there since I hate to fly and hate heights... Guess if I get the good weather and the guts it will be quite the adventure. 


  1. Desperately trying to catch up with you! Yup...a year behind. You might try vitamin d in olive oil to combat the no sunshine syndrome.

    1. I will try that... I usually try to ride to the nearest sun. :)