Saturday, May 3, 2014

On the road

I really enjoyed my few weeks in Kansas with my BFF.  Always have a good time with her and her family.  Had a lot of work to do while I was there but it felt good to be somewhere I would consider "home".

Last weekend I hit the road again to New Jersey to meet people I work with in person.  Not such an exciting road trip from the Midwest to the east coast... Probably because I have traveled that way many times.  I did stop and see the World's Largest Windchime in Casey Illinois.  Not terrible exciting but something to get off the bike for a moment and see.

I also saw this obscenely large cross in, I believe, Effington Illinois.  What the eff were they thinking?  Yes, let's destroy the land god made by putting up this huge cross...that will disrupt the creatures that god made and ruin the land that god made.  Sometimes I am not quite sure what is scarier on the road... Being in a "bad" part of town or being in an overly Christian town.  I honestly have the same heart pounding reaction to both and I don't want to be in either longer than I have to be.  That is what I thought about my ride to the east.  I never went thru a "bad" part of town but went thru many towns who feel the need to shove their ideas in your face.  I feel sad when I see things like that.  Maybe it is human nature to judge, feel you are the only one that is right, not see anything beyond yourself... Not that I never make judgements but when I realize I do I feel really bad.  I guess the first step is realizing the judgements we make.  Something I am working on myself.

Anywhos... I did have 3 of the most beautiful days of riding any biker could ask for.  Clear skies, perfect temperature and little to no wind.  Quite the difference from my trip from Arizona to Kansas with winds so strong I could barely keep us on the road.  Any which way I love my life on the road.

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