Saturday, April 19, 2014

East Jesus

There is just so much to see in Slab City.  On my tour with Chili Bob we saw East Jesus, an experimental, habitable, extensible artwork in progress.  There is a tour guide that will show you everything you need to see there from the art to where they live.  It reminded me a lot of how the Lost Boys in Peter Pan would live.  They had everything from a full kitchen and music room and they are completely off the grid.  Totally awesome.  Check out their website.  They take trash and make it into treasure.  Quite Fabulous!

Here are some pictures I took on our tour. 

 The entrance into East Jesus

 Time Machine: "you can sit in there and waste a lot of time"

 Charles Russel, who started East Jesus, use to sit right there in the doorway of the van naked and hand out stuff.

Our tour guide.

 Chili Bob walking through the ducks.

This one was my favorite.

One of their bathrooms... exciting to see a bathroom.  They had many other rooms including a full kitchen, living room, library and a music room with a grand piano.  All very rustic and open... either without all the walls or with just sheets as the roof or a little of both.

They buried this bus in the ground.

This was our tour guide.  It was a fun little tour.  Definitely recommend stopping by!

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