Sunday, April 6, 2014

Salvation Mountain

I was so excited a couple weeks ago when I decided I was going to go to Slab City.  It has been a place I have wanted to visit... well, live... for quite a few years.  I remember seeing Salvation Mountain on a news show like 20/20 or something when I was in high school and in the movie Into The Wild he made a stop in Slab City and I have been obsessed ever since.  So the next few days I will show you some pictures and such of the Slabs.  I spent a week there and hope to go back again for a week or so next winter.

What better way to start the tour of the Slabs... Salvation Mountain.  Slab City is just outside Niland California... you take this bumpy paved road about 2 miles outside of town and the first thing you see is Salvation Mountain.  Leonard Knight, who built Salvation Mountain, passed away just a couple months ago.   There are volunteers that help keep it maintained... it is a fairytale folk art land and a definite side trip to see and walk thru.  Here are some picture that really can't do it justice.  Be sure to check out the website!

Salvation Mountain

To give you an idea of the size of Salvation Mountain.

There is an actual yellow path you take that brings you to the top of Salvation Mountain 
(next to the cross)

 Pictures from the top of Salvation Mountain

These next pictures are in between the mountain with the cross and the smaller mountain with the windows to the right.

You can go inside the little mountain on the right.  

 These branches are the ceiling... you can look up and see so many colors and textures and even the sky.

 I was amazed as to how large it was in there.

 and color everywhere.

 The top picture is inside the walls and the bottom picture is what it looks like from the outside.

Below are pictures of more art around Salvation Mountain 

Of course I had to take a picture of myself and one of Blue and TicTac.

Truly a site to see.  If you are headed that way they take donations and could use any leftover paint to help with the upkeep of a great treasure.


  1. Jaclyn, Thanks for posting all these beautiful pics! Just looking at the small versions and I got excited about all the colors!!

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