Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lewis & Clark Caverns

This last weekend was so beautiful here in Montana... felt like fall.  Tomorrow we are expecting snow but back in the mid to high 60s on Friday.  So a quick taste of winter.  A few weeks ago we had hail that looked like snow.  It seems to always have pea size hail when we get a good rain but this was a bit ridiculous.  People were sliding down the walkways.  Quite entertaining.  

Anywhos... over this most beautiful weekend I went up to Lewis & Clark Caverns.  It's only 50 or so miles from where I am staying and all the tourists talk about it all the time so I figured it was time I go.   It was a 2 mile hike the whole way up, back and thru the caverns... not bad right... boy, it was quite the workout.  So not ready for my work at my thighs hurt for 2 days. hahaha

Here are some pictures for you.

from the top before going into the cavern

 after the hike (I survived!)

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