Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nube... Nube

It is Nube's year to be at the vet.  Last week the side of his face swelled and then the next day it was fine.  The Friday evening it swelled again and just got worse throughout the weekend.

This was early in the weekend.


This was Monday morning.

We went to the vet and they took out 8oz of ooze.  Yuck-O!  He was running a temp because of the infection from a tooth.  Nube has a pretty serious heat murmur... The vet told me a 5 out of a scale of 6.  Since I am leaving I a few days she said not to pull the tooth.  It would be really hard on his heart and with his age it was not recommended.  The tooth is loose so we are hoping it will fall out or if I get courageous enough I could pull it myself.  He got a light antibiotic again because of his heart.  The vet said it will most likely get infected again if the tooh doesn't fall out but this is he best way to go since I am traveling and his heart. 

Here is Nube after the vet.

The meds seem to be working.  This was later the same night.

Nube is feeling much better and back to his rambunctious self.  He is eating dry food, snacks and drinking so all seems to be on the healing path.  My trip to China was postponed a few days which gives me some time to be sure Nube is good before going to the pet sitter.

To show 12 hours.  Left was the morning and right was that night.

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  1. Mr. Magoo had all his teeth pulled because of infection. He's got heart issues too, maybe not as bad as Nube, but bad enough. He'll be alright, he just needs to get that tooth out.