Thursday, October 2, 2014

Being a white toddler in China

My buddies have quite the interesting life here in China now.  They are 2 totally adorable little boys but I have never seen people so obsessed with another person like the Chinese are with these two boys.

The first night we went out I was amazed how all the workers in the restaurant came out to stare at us while we eat.  They also started touching and taking pictures with my 3 year old buddy.  I was freaking out a bit.  I hate it when people watch me eat, I also need a certain amount of personal space especially if I don't know you but watching them touch someone else's child was completely inappropriate in my mind.  

Everywhere we go people stop and stare... Not like the stare but not trying to be noticed but the mouth dropped, in your face, looking you up and down kind of stare.  The first day was entertaining... People would literally stop as they were driving by to stare.  Now it is getting a bit annoying and the touching and trying to pick up my buddies really bothers me.  

Last night while walking to dinner you would of thought we had Justin Beiber with us.  A group of young teenage girls from across the street were screaming, hands reached out, and bending at the knees while we walked by.  Yes, my little buddy is quite famous here in China.

Then we got to dinner and this is what it looks like... The entire time.

We only have one waitress but all of them come and stare.  Then they start touching.  Then they pick him up and start taking pictures with home.  My buddy was having quite the good time with these girls.  They gave him all sorts of treats and he was happy.

When we go to the park to play all the grandmas want their grandkids to talk and touch my buddies.  A bit weird but when we went to the store and they rode the toys was the weirdest.

We had 3 ladies that came out of the shops near by to stare at them and touch them.  I was surprised they didn't lick my buddies to see if they tasted like vanilla.  This lady started rubbing their arms and then tries to pick up the littlest buddy while he ride was still going.  I told her no and she backed off.  How weird is that?  Why would someone think it is ok to touch someone else's child... None the less pick them up... While the kid is enjoying his ride.   That is one thing I don't think I could ever get use to.  My buddies are good sports and will turn away if they don't like it.  They are treated like famous people here in China... How I would love to see it from their point of view,


  1. That is odd! Did you ever find out why they acted that way?

  2. I believe they don't see very many white people and white children even less. They also seem to have different ideas as to what is socially acceptable. but who knows.