Thursday, May 26, 2016

Death Valley

Death Valley is a beautiful place and I wish we had time to explore more.  We did pay for a campsite in Death Valley instead of finding a free site because of location.  We wanted to do Artist Drive close to sunset and without TicTac in tow.  After riding that road that was the right decision.

On the way to Death Valley we stopped at this Alien Jerky place... Fun quick stop to stretch the legs.

Here is the first big view you get at Death Valley... And this is just a snippet of what to see.

It was quite warm while we were there so we wanted to get to the site and rest a bit before heading back out to Artist Drive.

What a great ride... One of my favorites so far.

Also a beautiful evening for a ride.  Couldn't of asked for anything better.

Love having Michelle with me to take pictures as we rode.  Quite fun to be able to share the pics of the ride with everyone.

There were a couple of these "dips" which looked like you were going to fall off the edge of a cliff.  Fun ride.

It took us probably an hour to get all the way thru... It's a one way road with lots of curves, dips, spectacular scenery and narrow roads.  

We got back to our sight and the sky was red.  What a perfect evening.

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  1. Vanholio was at Death Valley not so long ago. It may be his park now, in terms of the Find Your Park campaign. Next time, he's going to stay at the Wildrose Canyon campground – high, quiet, cool, in the trees. Ya'll should check that one out next time you're through.