Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Part of New Hampshire

We headed out of the White Mountains at the end of August so Michelle could start her class.  I was quite thankful for new scenery.  The White Mountains are beautiful but dealing with the campers where we worked and stayed were a bit more than I care to deal with.  So, my limit was met and we headed south to Michelle's family in NH.

Leaving Crawford Notch Campground
So far Michelle has been enjoying her class, we are still looking for work but did try Flagging for road construction... Ummm... Don't do that. Will tell more about that on another post.  Yoska has been having a blast with all the attention.

Practicing before shift. haha

Yoska's new bow tie... A definte must have during all those formal occasions he attends.

Visiting the apple orchard
We had a picnic at an apple orchard.

And a must stop for this 80s kid to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center.

Cool poster for sale at the museum of Christa McAuliffe

I'll be here for a bit more then hitting the road where I call home.  This time it will be me and Yoska as Michelle furthers her dream of being an architecture in New Hampshire.  

More to come...


  1. Go, Michelle! My daughter , Lisa, is an architect in Dallas. XO

  2. Go, Michelle! My daughter , Lisa, is an architect in Dallas. XO

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