Monday, October 15, 2012

Best of Show

I was so excited to find out that my crochet formal I made last spring took first prize in the Crochet by Hand section at the Hog Festival in Cadiz, KY.  It also took Best of Show.  I have never won anything... or even noticed so I was really excited and quite proud.  My mom also got first prize for her needle point and second in Best of Show. Pretty good results for our first time submitting to the Hog Festival.

Here are some pictures:

My outfit and my mom's needle point is in the larger frame on the table.  There is my name on the list of Best of Show. :)

Closer look of the Best of Show Names.  I can't believe I am #1.  Amazing.

My first prize ribbon of sorts.  I guess this was the first year they didn't hand out real ribbons.

Here is what the outfit looks like on me... I created it for a banquet I went to last spring. 

Photo by Pauline

I crocheted everything but the pants, boots and glasses.

I feel very honored. :)

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