Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our New Home

My trailer arrived Friday night.  There are a couple things that still need to come but the main trailer is here.

My new trailer attached to Blue (my motorcycle)

I took it for a short spin thru town yesterday... with a lot of stares and even a woman followed me to where I was going to check it out.

The foot shifter on Blue broke on Thursday so I was having a hard time remembering that I only have the front toe shifter and not the back heel so I will take it out for a longer test spin this week once that is fixed.

It is a little odd knowing I have something behind me that is wider than me.... no more roaming around the lane... have to stay in the middle. hehe...  Blue seemed to do ok first time out.  I live in the mountains so it is a bit of a strain but she seemed to handle it well.  Hopefully that Oil Bud will keep her cool.

I spent the night in the trailer last night.  It was so nice to have electricity and warmth.  Friday night was the coldest night of the season hitting below freezing and the trailer didn't arrive until after 11pm so it wasn't all that convenient getting it all ready for me to sleep in the trailer in the dark and middle of the night.  So I was quite thankful to be warm and be able to talk to people online, catch up on my shows and see what I was crocheting.  Very exciting!!

I brought Poco and Nube (my 2 dogs) into the trailer this morning.  They are asleep as we speak.

Poco and Nube when they first came into our new home

Randall will have to wait until the screened in attached tent comes so he has room to wander.  So he is still in the shack.

Now time to figure out what to ship to my parents and what to carry with me.  This may take a bit of thinking thru.  Not a whole lot of space so I need to figure out what is necessary.  

Can't believe my dream is coming true.  

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