Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Coming!!!

I am so excited this week... my new home will be here either Friday or Saturday.  Hopefully I got Blue all ready to go.  I had to have my mechanic install one little piece last night for the wiring harness... then today I had to modify a bit since it was vibrating... that is a whole other story.  So hopefully if all goes right and working I will be practicing pulling my trailer this weekend!!!

I am extra excited because I don't have to do any more markets on the weekends and can use the time to get ready to leave and to crochet.  It feels like there is still a ton of preparation before departure.  I have to get some promo things started... crochet for my house warming/going away party, get the boys use to our new home and figure out how to pull a trailer with Blue.  It shall be an interesting few weeks.

On a side note my mom entered my crochet outfit I made last spring in the Cadiz, KY Ham Festival going on this weekend.  So if you are in the area you should stop by.  My crochet items are now also on sale in Cadiz at Loose Treasures.  Thanks to my mom for getting that all going for me.

A picture of me in my crochet formal wear I made last spring for an awards banquet.  I made everything but the pants, boots and glasses.

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