Friday, May 3, 2013

BlueRoad: Alaskan Dream

I have decided to do some fundraising for my BlueRoad project.   I really want to be able to do some amazing recordings of video and sound on my rides.  I see such amazing views that I can't put to words and would love to bring everyone along with me.  If you don't know, I have a house sitting gig in Wasilla, Alaska this summer.  It has been a dream of mine to ride a motorcycle to Alaska for as long as I can remember. I wake up in the middle of the night so excited to be making my dream come true.  But to make my dream come true I will need a little help from my friends.

Your donation will help with the purchase of equipment for audio/video recording and also help me with gas along the way.

To get an idea of just how far Alaska is away from my starting point of my parents house.  Almost 4000 miles from Kentucky to Alaska.  (I will actually be coming from Ft. Lauderdale FL with a stop off in Kentucky to get my boys their papers to go thru Canada.)  That is 4000 miles one way... and just getting to the house sitting gig.  I hope to visit all the places I can ride in Alaska.  Especially, Seward, Alaska.  So this trip alone to Alaska and back will be around 10,000 miles.

Equipment List:

Video (GoPro Camera Equipment)
10 GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
10 Battery BacPac (for extended battery for GoPro Cameras)
10 64GB Micro SD Memory Card 
4 Handle Bar/Searpost Pole Mount 
Hero3 Anti Fog Inserts
Hero3 3.5mm Mic Adapter

2 Zoom H2n Portable Digital Recorders
2 32GB SD Memory Card
1 Countryman E6i Omnidirectional Earset (Mic)

2 WD 2TB My Passport Studio Portable Hard Drive (1 for audio, 1 for video to start)

Every little bit helps!!

For donations between $5-$500 I have a personal Thank you, crochet items I have created, my Journey To Worthy CD, a post card/letter from Alaska and a monthly hand written post card/letter update of my travels for the next year. 

For those who want to be a Sponsor of BlueRoad:

For a donation of $1000 your name/company will be added to my website.  Logo will be on the side bar and will also be listed in a tab I will add for sponsors.

For a donation of $2500 your name or company will be listed as a sponsor on all videos and documentations of the BlueRoad series and listed on the website as a sponsor.

For a donation of $5000 your name or company will be added as a sponsor on my trailer for 1 year.  I will send dimensions for you Logo and will send off for a stick on graphic for the trailer.  I will travel a minimum of 15,000 miles throughout US and Canada during 1 year.  It will also be listed on all videos and documentation of the BlueRoad series and will be listed as a sponsor on the website.

For a donation of $10,000 I will come to your community and do a presentation or 2 for your community, organization or schools about my travels and things I have learned.  You will also have a logo/name on my trailer, listed as a sponsor on videos/documentation and website of the BlueRoad series.  

If you don't have the funds to give but would like to support, please share this link with your friends. (  And of course keep on reading.  I have a lot of amazing adventures to come and I can't wait to share them all with you!!  ♥ 

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