Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Gig

I am really enjoying my short term gig here in Florida.  I am the Sound/Lighting Person for a show from Michelee Puppets.  We were in Orlando this week and went to 4 different schools.  Then the next few weeks we will be in the South Florida area.  I have never worked with puppeteers or in theatre so this has been a great learning experience.

I learned how to set up and program lights and of course I would love to play on the program some more to see all it can do.  I love being able to work again and something that lets my brain exercise a bit. :)

Anyway... check out Michelee Puppets.  You can check out their website at and they are also on Facebook.


  1. Hi Jackie - Great having you onboard. Hope you are still as chipper for the S. Florida run. Our wake-up times are a bit earlier due to the van being further away. So far, you are doing a great job. Keep going! dg

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