Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Growing up I loved the 4th.  You could start to buy fireworks on or right before my birthday.  My parents never let us get them before the 4th but you could hear them all around town.

The town I grew up in is the 4th of July city in Nebraska and there were things to do from sun up thru the night.  Everyone in town is out and about so I would see friends, family and other acquaintances I hadn't seen all summer around the town square.

I have yet to be anywhere else with things to do all day.  Maybe a BBQ in the evening and some fireworks but it isn't the same.  

The last place I lived all the towns around had fireworks on different days.  Quite odd and when I lived in Florida I never saw fireworks either because I'm not a huge fan of masses of people. 

This year I am working and will go to a BBQ and watch some fireworks.  Should be an on day.

I decided to walk to work to avoid parking issues and the crazy tourist on the road.  It was quit a nice little over a mile walk.  I of course forgot my camera but took a picture with my iPod. One day I will remember to bring my camera.

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