Monday, June 2, 2014

Gone Fishing

I have spent the last week or so at my parent's house in Kentucky.  My dad and I went out on the boat a few times to go fishing.  I really love being on the water... casting and reeling in the line but not a huge fan of actually touching fish.  For whatever reason there were a couple of fish who couldn't wait to get off the hook and flung around in the boat.  Yes, I screech and my dad picks them up off the boat floor to throw them back in.  haha... but life is good out on the lake.  Here are a few pictures from one of our days out on the lake.

Ready to fish!

Love this tree!

My dad's catch of the day... he wasn't having a lot of luck.

One of the fishies that jumped off the hook.

My dad telling everyone that was mine and I am a wimp. lol

How I hold the line after multiple fish jump off the hook.

Beautiful day on the water.  Life is good!

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