Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hit the Road Jack

Had to put off home on the road for a day because of the weather.  :(. Hittin the road in the morning.  Not going all that far since I have to work but at least I will be home.  I did spend the day finish packing and I am quite excited for the room I found from getting rid of stuff and leaving a few items behind.  I also took Blue out for a short ride to see how she feels and she is running fabulously!  

Here are a few pictures of Blue and TicTac.  Blue is looking good after all the new parts and TicTac has tons of room.

No more duct tape!  

Still a bit of stuff but I can actually get into everything.

If I didn't have the boys I would have a mansion but I do love my boys.

Can't wait to get lost on the road.  Wonder what I will see.  Life is good!

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