Saturday, February 6, 2016

Catching up

Hi all!  Sorry I have been a bit delayed these last few months.  Finally settling in to our winter position in California.

Over the holidays I went with my parents back to my hometown in Nebraska to visit my nephews.  Stopped in Kansas City to see my younger brother and his finance.  We had a good time and it was nice riding in my parents van and being able to nap along the way.  Yoska enjoyed the ride also.

We got back before the New Year and I hit the road.  I stopped off the Natchez Trace in Hohenwald TN to spend a few days with my friend Renee.  We camped together a few weeks last spring.  I wanted to spend a few days with her since she has now embarked on a new adventure of backpacking around the world.  You can check out her blog at

It was a chilly few days but enjoyed some down time and a bit of local adventures.  We had both worked as Camperforce for the season so we were still recovering. haha

 Frost almost every morning... luckily I was able to plug in to have heat when sleeping. 

Yoska is not a fan of the cold... waiting for Renee to let him in.

We went thru Tennessee Amish Country to see the farms and such.  

I always like going thru Amish country.  My mom is a Yoder so it is interesting to see the perspective of the Mennonite Yoders I grew up with to the Amish Yoders in these communities.  I didn't grow up Mennonite or Amish so it is always interesting to me.

Renee, Yoska and I had an enjoyable couple of days.  I had a week or so to meander before picking up Michelle in Houston to head to our next adventure.  I decided I would spend a few days checking out the free campgrounds along the Natchez Trace... More adventures to come. :)

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  1. *** Love it. So glad to hear of your travels.I believe that like me, others enjoy taking these adventures with you.Travel safe, and know that if in need, we're all here.Take care.Robert from SOUTHERN ILLINOIS. :)