Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heading down the Natchez Trace (part 2)

The second night I stayed at Jeff Busby Park off the Natchez Trace... also a free campsite.  This one was very wooded.  You can hike to the highest peak in Mississippi.  There was one other RV camped for the night.  This one wasn't as well maintained as the Lewis one of the night before but still nice.  Bathrooms were heated and I am always excited by a real toilet. hahaha

Jeff Busby Park

The 3rd campground at Rocky Springs, I ended up staying 2 nights cause of rain.  Next to no cell service and many campers as it is a little over 50 miles from Natchez MS.  I enjoyed my two days relaxing.

Rocky Springs Campground

All the campgrounds had heated bathrooms and picnic tables.  These are quite awesome in comparison to some of the other free camping spots I have been to.  

Reservoir Overlook

You could easily spend a week or more camping, hiking and riding down this beautiful road.  Only needing to get off to gas or to resupply or even spending a days at some of the historical towns along the way.  If the weather was warmer I could of spent a few more days.  

I ended up spending one night at a Walmart outside Natchez MS waiting out a big storm and then headed to Texas.


  1. hey there again..
    Joe here at work 0250am.. Sure was hoping to see you pass thru this area.. I live in Ofallon, Ill.. about 20 miles east of St Louis on I-64.. you probable passed thru on way to folks according to your posting. Thinking about on of thoses camper you have.. my wife and I go out on ride abouts around June every year.. She is a teacher and gets out of school around last week of may depending on snow days.. We have a goldwing and your camper looks like what we need.. Dont go to fast or far daily.. just look around.. We finding it rough lately since we have done almost all tourist roads within 5-6 hundred miles of here.. First long day is boring seing same stuff we have for a while now. Would be rough getting the camper on a trailer with our wing to tow to starting spot. We did this year ago to Colorado to ride million dollar hwy and four corner area. Did save some time.. can do more miles towing bike.
    Well I am rambling now.. I look forward to reading about your trips.. Actually I am envious.. I would do it but my wife would not.. she has to be at home with her hobbies and stuff.. We retire next year so maybe see you on the road.. Be safe.. Joe