Monday, February 22, 2016

Texas and preparing for what's next

After finishing up the Natchez Trace I needed to head to Texas.  I was going to camp on the beach but Michelle and I decided to take a job in California for the winter so I decided to head to Houston a few days before Michelle's arrival to rest up and figure out how we were going to make the 1900 mile ride to our next gig.

It is one thing to ride with just Yoska and I on Blue... Another to pull TicTac and a completely other way of riding is to add a passenger on Blue while pulling TicTac.  Michelle rode with me from Campbellsville Kentucky to my parents house... about 160 mile... With TicTac in tow... It took us a good day of riding since Michelle hadn't ridden long distances on the back of a motorcycle and it takes a lot more energy to add another person to the mix.

We originally planned to work in the Houston area for winter, Michelle flying into Houston after her stay with her family for the holidays, then head to Tennessee to a gig for the summer.  Far enough to feel like we travelled but not too far as our first time out.  I really didn't feel prepared to do 1900 miles.  So, I decided to take a few days to figure everything out.

Plus was I found a free campsite in Thomball TX that had electric and showers.  I could charge up TicTac and prepare for our adventure.

I decided we would ship a few things to our next gig to take some weight and stress off Blue and to also give us more room inside TicTac.  When traveling and only spending one night in a place I don't put up a tent... It's just the space of TicTac.  We would both keep a change or two of clothes and shipped the rest plus extra shoes to the next gig.  That was about 50 pounds of stuff and a bit of extra space... Not much more we could send... Tough part about not owning anything... Haha

I also decided we would probably travel 200-250 miles a day.  Not terribly long days of riding which would give us time to stop and have a meal and a few stops to rest or see things along the way... Plus get us to our stop for the night before sunset.  I also had to make rules for myself.  I normally, just me, would ride thru any weather... Rain, snow, winds, etc... But I have been telling myself that isn't necessary... No place or person is worth putting myself in danger... I decided to be a little more strict with a passenger.  No need to ride in rain, definitely no snow and no winds above 15 to 20 mph.  Depending if we are on the interstate or back roads.  Higher winds on back roads aren't as bad because there is usually less traffic and less semis.  I figured we could do the 1900 miles anywhere between 5-10 days depending on the weather.  You never know what the winds will bring thru the southwest or just how tired we will be.  I wanted no pressure... an enjoyable trip for both Michelle and I. 

Once I had a plan and was well rested the 1900 miles seemed doable... then it was about creating a trip that got us to where we needed to be but also enjoyable for Michelle.  I didn't want it to be all parking lots, so of course, I researched some more free campsites.

I was quite excited to share my way of life with someone...

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  1. Hey Jaclyn;
    Welcome to the Greater Houston Area. I spent 42 years in Houston. Tomball is a nice area. Let me know if you want any suggestions on what to see/do or best rides in the area. Hope you have good weather and a safe ride.
    David (713-248-7870 cell/text) or email me.