Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blue and TicTac in 2014

Here are some pictures of Blue and TicTac in 2014.  We hit 32 states this year!

New Mexico. New Years 2014

New Mexico/Arizona border.

Campsite in Malibu California

Salvation Mountain

Campsite in Slab City

After a windy ride and attacking tumbleweed.  Oklahoma

World's Largest Wind Chime.  Casey, Illinois

Foggy morning at my parents house in Kentucky

Stopping for a day of work at a library in Kentucky.

Judy Garland Museum.  Grand Rapids Minnesota. 

Backing Blue and TicTac in a parking spot at a library in North Dakota... working those thigh muscles. 

100,000 Blue miles!  Bismark, North Dakota

First rainbow of the year border of North Dakota and Montana

Crater of the Moon, Idaho

Middle of nowhere Utah

Great Salt Lake, Utah

Mt. Shasta, California

Middle of nowhere Oregon

Middle of nowhere Washington State

Idaho/Montana border

How to dry your bras on the road... Montana

Leaving Montana

Middle of nowhere Idaho

Spending the night at Walmart in Utah

Yes, I am a wild woman.  Stopped by the cops in Utah

Sunrise in Arizona

More Arizona

Sunrise in Oklahoma

Snowy campsite in Kentucky

Snowy ride in New Mexico

Blue and TicTac's spot to finish out 2014.

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  1. Beautiful I wanna join u

    Where oh where did ya find tic tac? And may I use your picture to honor u with credits of course for my cover pic ?