Monday, March 9, 2015

Friends of the Road

One of the things that amazes me every day are all the friends I have made on the road.  Just when you think you are completely alone there are people I know all over the place.  I totally needed to be around people and I hung out with a friend and fellow woman biker in Las Cruces... then headed out to Arizona and met with a few friends I met during my time at Amazon in Apache Junction and then I met up with a friend I made while in the Albuquerque area this last month and went camping outside Tucson.  Living a life on the road doesn't mean you have to be alone.  Makes me smile that there is such a great network of people out there.  I love meeting new people on the road but it feels like home when I meet people I know on the road.

I couldn't imagine life on the road without internet and cell phones.  That had to be an amazing experience... but I like I can get online and find someone to have lunch with or hang out with in the area I am in.  Today I am meeting someone knew for lunch that I met online yesterday.  Quite crazy to think about but if you are only in a place for a short period of time meeting new people quickly is the way to go.

I have been fortunate that most of the people I have met have been really great people... I have had a couple of rotten tomatoes but it was their own issues getting in the way of happiness and being genuine... I think about all the good and the bad often and send them good vibes and love for just being.

Camping with a friend. :)


  1. Sounds awesome! I plan to sell my house this summer and be on the road next fall. I look forward to seeing your adventures. I'm from Minnesota. Mary Schmidt Frederick on Facebook. Have safe travels! Mary