Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I feel quite lost this week.  I finally say what I have needed to say and of course my feelings go unheard and it all comes back as I misunderstood.  I had a plan for the week and now it is all up in the air.   Not sure where I belong or where I want to be.  I feel I have disappointed many by doing what I needed to take care of myself.  This just adds to the lost.  I have to look out for me from the beginning and I don't... I do what feels right but don't walk away when it begins to feel not right... I stay thinking things will get better when I am the only one working and the only one who wants it to work.  One day I might get it right.

I don't understand at what point is it ok to hurt people for your needs and at what point does hurting someone for your needs become selfish?  I'm not sure... I do know if something doesn't feel right... When it begins to dampen your soul then it is time to move forward and people may be hurt in the process.... Some directly and some indirectly.  This week I feel I have hurt many people... One directly and many indirectly.  Unfortunately, it came to a point where it wasn't healthy for me... When I begin to see the me with depression more than I see the me with spirit I know I can't go any further.  Something has to change.  Unfortunately, this one had to change and drastically to protect myself not only today but in the future.  It sucks... But I guess that is part of life.

The most fabulous part is I find friends everywhere.  When I really needed to be away from Walmart and around people, a wind sister (fellow woman biker) came forward and offered me a place to sleep and company for the evening.  I am truly blessed.

Moving forward with a bit of a broken heart, less friends and a sore soul.  All will be good with time.


  1. This is life, you seem to be analyzing it quite well. It doesn't make it hurt any less tho. In a few days you will find yourself looking back on this with a sigh of relief and very thankful you did not stay in this friendship/relationship.

    As you head down the road, I pray for peace and comfort for you. I'm looking forward to read about your next adventure. Love and hugs!

  2. I always think it is amazing how much we crave the approval and agreement of those we love. I struggle with this still, even as a grown up! I'm sorry you are feeling lost, but hear me when I say this: you are exactly where you are meant to be. God did not promise the journey would be smooth or easy, but he did promise help and support along the way. You are resilient and strong and smart and courageous. Keep listening to your heart and looking for the next adventure. You have a lot of people cheering you on from afar!!!

  3. Hey you passed me today on I10 west bound I spent the night in Las Cruses NM. I was in my dirty truck and 5th wheel we left the RVG tue. kind of wish I was riding then I looked at the temp.and said I'll leave it in the toy hauler. Anyway you looked good out there in your blue jacket and HD I did wave have a safe time out there. I'm a member on Motorcycling RVers