Friday, March 13, 2015

Q&A with Jackie: How do you shower?


  1. I appreciate this posting. Cleanliness is a subject I am re-considering as I prepare for the road. The bonus is that you are my only resource on motorcycle-based mobile living. I came here from a link someone posted on Bob Wells' blog at

    Incidentally, my first comment vanished because I did not realize I had to sign in before writing the comment.

  2. Might not be as compact...but has multiple users for both products...but I use a tiny bit of coconut oil followed by a light light dusting of baking soda in my pits....coconut oil has antibacterial properties and baking soda changes the pH so the bacteria don't produce the typical onion smell there....just a thought for folks looking for alternatives. One or the other or both in mid summer does the trick for me.