Sunday, July 27, 2014


Some days are a bit frustrating.  No matter how hard I try to make my skin stop crawling it doesn't stop. Some days are sensory overload.  Probably from stress which leads to nightmares and flashbacks and then having to be around people while helping my friends in their old time photo shop.  It just all takes it's toll sometimes.  I went for a walk and took a ride to the next town and walked around but it didn't help. I could literally run into walls and I wouldn't feel better.  I really need to get myself a weighted blanket to help calm myself.  Spent some time with my boys watching the Golden Girls and just kept myself safe.  It is hard because it is so easy to slip into self harm.  I have learned to just sit with it but it is soooo very uncomfortable.  

The day ended quite beautifully with another amazing sunset.  Life is good even with the challenges. 

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