Monday, February 16, 2015


Forgiveness is an interesting thing.  We are taught as children to say we are sorry when we do wrong... to the point that it is automatically said without any remorse.  So what is forgiveness?  Does it need to include an outside person or is it something that needs to be worked on within?

For me, forgiveness is an inner issue.  No one's apology or acceptance of forgiveness is going to make the feeling go away until I have worked thru the issue.  I don't want to hear I'm sorry from someone who has hurt me.  For me, it feels like I am letting them off the hook in a way... and I'm not talking vengeance... but they need to work on it themselves and deal with whatever they are asking forgiveness for... it really has nothing to do with me.

For many years I was the "sorry" person... I would say I'm sorry for things that had nothing to do with me.  It would drive some people I knew crazy but I really couldn't help myself.  It may slip out on occasion but now I work on not saying I'm sorry to say I'm sorry.  If I've done wrong then I try to make the situation right.  Not much else I can do.

Freeing Myself is a song I wrote for the Inspiration Celebration at the Renfrew Center of Florida.  I would sing every week and create a song to go with the theme of the week.  That week's theme was forgiveness.  My ideas of forgiveness has changed but I think the song is still relevant.

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