Sunday, February 8, 2015

One Size Fits All

A couple of months ago I went out looking for some hiking pants and a coat... well... to figure out what size I am.  I rarely ever buy clothes.  I usually get a free shirt at a job and buy some cheap Walmart pants that I don't even try on.  I hate shopping.  I went with a couple of friends to help me out.  It turned out to be a nice day but realizing that there was no way I was fitting into any women sizes was very frustrating to me.  No matter the size small to x-large they had no hips... no curves in them... and... well... length is a total other issue for me.  Arms and legs are never long enough... so I am stuck in the men's section trying on clothes.

It is difficult allowing your body to be the size it needs to be.  I use to be able to shop anywhere and find something.  Now I can barely find a pair of shoes.  When I tell people I am recovering from an Eating Disorder they ask how much weight I have lost in recovery as if I was recovering from Overeating.  It use to horrify me... now I smile and move on.

One thing I love about my life on the road is that I don't see all the media crap out there telling women who they should be... how they should look... or act.  I rarely watch TV... I rarely work in a place with other people so I don't have to listen to the latest dieting trend or who is loosing weight to fit into whatever outfit.  I've never understood why people just don't buy an outfit that fits the size they are when they buy it.

Anywhos... I wrote the song of the day for an Eating Disorder Awareness Event in Miami.  I wrote it like the day before the event... but none the less it worked. :)

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  1. That is a very good and true message, Jackie, well done!