Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fabulous February is here again!

It is that time of year where I like to do do something for Eating Disorder Awareness.  I never think a week is long enough so I do something for the entire month of February.  This year I have a few things stirring in my pot.

Please join me and my friends in We Are Fabulous in February (and All the Other Days of the Year) on FB.  Share each day what is Fabulous about you!  Meet new friends and share in the support of Fabulous people!

I am also going to open up my black binder of ED and share it with you.  I found my black binder in my hiking pack a few months ago... if felt odd having it there... like I was bringing my Eating Disorder into my next phase of life.  I am ready to leave ED behind and I feel to do that I need to share my journey.  Each day for the month of February I am going to share my story... I am also going outside my comfort zone and share a video of myself... either singing a song I wrote, telling a story... sharing me.  I am a little nervous and hope I can make it all 28 days.  I know posting something on the internet will bring the good, bad and just plain I can't believe they said that... so... here I go... putting myself out there for the masses.

Here is a bit of an intro to ease myself into things for day 1.

Hope you have a Fabulous February!

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