Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Show Me The Way

I had a few therapist in my time... the intern... the therapist who has been a therapist forever.  Then I found the perfect therapist for me.  I always tell people to go for the intern or new therapist.  They are more eager and still learning.  This helps to start thinking outside the box... at least this has been my experience.

I had a therapist with many years experience and each session we went over the same thing... If I do _____ then ________ will happen.  That was it for my session... every week.

I had a few interns that were quite fabulous because they were eager and were learning.  The only problem there is they leave.

Then I finally found the one that was perfect for me.  She was in her residency when I met her.  So a newbie of sorts.  I was able to follow her after her residency and she was my therapist for almost 10 years.  It was as if we grew up together... we learned together.

She never told me I couldn't do something... for instance when I wanted to go back to college or when I decided I wanted to ride a motorcycle.  She would be supportive and ask how are you going to do that?  She made me think I could do anything... and that is just what I did.

She believed in me long before I did and she would show that often.  She would celebrate my accomplishments, push me when I wanted to give up and give some tough love when necessary.

I am thankful for her everyday.

I wrote Show Me The Way for IAEDP (International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals) conference when it was in Miami.  I often did presentations with a therapist and movement therapist from the Renfrew Center of Florida.  They asked if I would write a song about what made my therapist work for me.

Believe enough in me and you
Until I can believe in me

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