Friday, June 12, 2015

Blue is fixed, Yoska is a biker and where to go next

So excited to have Blue back up and running.  I found a guy in town who works on bikes and he got the new rear rotor and rear wheel bearing on.  Now I just need to do the oil change.  He said the brake pads have a bit left so no need to rush on that but will probably change them out before I leave Montana.

When he took off the rear wheel bearing it fell off in a bout 7 pieces with missing ball bearing... ooops... keeping my guardian angels on their toes, I guess.

As soon as I got Blue back I strapped the crate on and took Yoska for a ride into town.  We have made the mile ride into town a few times now and will probably go over the hill to Ennis in the next few days.  He seems to enjoy himself.  The crate is a little small but helps keep him calm so it will do for now.

Yoska has been going with me everywhere... everyone in town has met him and adore him.  He has even come to work with me a few times.  He is still a bit barky when I leave him in the crate in the back of the shop while having customers but he is doing better.

Waiting for customers
Yoska is also really great in TicTac.  I can have the door open and he sits right by me and looks out.  There is a lot of birds, bunnies and gophers to look at and want to chase.

This week I have been trying to figure out where we are going next.  I will either stay the summer here in Montana, go to South Dakota in July until Labor Day for another job or go to Kansas City for a few weeks.  I guess we will see.  I have pretty much given up planning this year... everything I have planned hasn't happened and I really hate disappointing people... so we will see.

My favorite picture of Yoska so far... chilling in TicTac.
Yoska and I are enjoying our time... going to the library and hanging out around the area.  Nothing too exciting but quite nice for now.

 Last night's sunset. 6/11/15


  1. you got your money out of that bearing.

    sherbet. raz

  2. Just to add to your options... If you head to South Dakota, you might want to check out the Sturgis Rally in the beginning of August. It is the 75th this year.


    1. I'm not a biker rally person... more of a loner. :)

  3. Enjoy your experiences and listen to yourself everything happens for a reason.

  4. If you come to KC..message me on FB and we'll get together!