Friday, June 26, 2015

Shopping in Bozeman

The nearest town that has almost everything would be Bozeman... Almost 70 miles from Virginia City.  I rarely go and haven't been since I have been here in Montana.  Yoska and I finally took a road trip up there and did a little shopping.

Of course Petco and PetSmart were in the list.  Yoska loves to ride in the cart.... And he looks so cute!

Finally got him some bling and a coat.

We also went to World Market where I got some beer and a little bit of food.  I like their Asian foods that heat up quickly.  There are a couple of different types but this is what I had for dinner when we got home.

High in sodium of course but it has good flavor.  I can't remember the name of the other entrees off the top of my head so I will share later.  What is great are I can keep these in TicTac.  They don't need to be refrigerated and you can either microwave or put the package in boiling water for a few minutes.  Something with a bit more flavor that spam and mashed potatoes. 

I also got some beer.  Lucky Buddha is a China beer... Not too bad taste wise but I love the bottles... I got a 6 pack and I think I will reuse with some solar lights in them to out around TicTac when camping.

Yoska and I had a great ride home and stopped a few times to take in the view and get some pictures.

Yoska is turning out to be a great rider.  He does bark on occasion... Usually at deer, cows, horses on the side of the road... Great at looking out for us even though the random bark usually startles me.  We stop and wander a little so that he can stretch his legs so we will see a lot more on the road than I have before.  Quite excited to see how he does when we leave here.

We finished the day with the most pink sunset... Truly amazing.  It turned everything pink.

No filter on that photo... It was truly pink and even more pink than the picture shows.

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  1. Lucky Buddha beer bottles make great camping lights...You and Yoska look great! XOXO