Monday, June 1, 2015

Yoska, my new traveling buddy

I never thought I could love another dog but the slight chance that I could made me start looking for another.  Last week I saw this cute guy on the Beaverhead County (Dillon, Montana) Humane Society website.

I thought about it over night and was having a hard time with the thought of getting a new dog.  What did that mean about my love for Poco and Nube (who passed away New Years Eve).  Was it too soon... was I being selfish because I felt I needed unconditional love and a travel companion.  Should I wait a longer period of time.  I asked many friends what their opinion was and each one of them told me it was ok to want another dog and to add to my family.  

I finally convinced myself to at least go and see him.  What could it hurt?  The only way I would know is if I held the dog, hung out with the dog.  So, I borrowed my bosses van and drove an emotional 55 miles to the humane society.  I think I cried the entire way.  It was like loosing my boys all over again.  

I get to the humane society and see all the small dogs they have but this is the one I was interested in.  They got him out and I hung out and held him, watched him, and watched others play with him.  I wanted to be sure... but really, how could I be sure.  I did have this sense of peace with him in my arms... a peace I haven't had since I lost my boys.  I decided to take him home.  After filling out the paperwork the lady at the humane society told me I wasn't replacing my boys but filling up the hole in my heart.  I was adding to my family.

He is such a people dog.  He was an instant lover.

He also took to TicTac instantly.  Hanging out in there and looking out the window at all the birds and bunnies outside.  Growling at things passing by.  He knew it was home and when we would return from a walk all I had to do is open TicTac's door and point and he jumped right in.

He is just what I needed... a snuggle dog.

I decided I wanted a gypsy name for the dog since he did not respond to Bink.  I found Yoska a Romani/Gypsy name meaning God shall add another son.  Which is exactly what happened... I needed a new pet child and he came into my life.

The first night with Yoska I cried... quite a lot.  I missed my boys and it felt like I was grieving all over again while being snuggled with this new dog that will love me unconditionally.  I felt guilty for adding to my family and because I was still in doubt that I could give Yoska all the love he deserved.

The first day was still difficult in knowing if I could open up my broken heart.  When I came home from work on Blue and took off my helmet for Yoska to recognize me and he barked until I got him out of TicTac... I fell in love.  I felt a huge release... no more tears... I truly felt I was adding.  Adding joy and more love to my life, adding another boy to the family... I didn't feel I was replacing anyone.  Yoska is his own unique self and he found his own niche in a short period of time.  When I began to look at him as Yoska I began to open my heart.  You can't compare one dog to the other... they are all unique and each one deserves their own unique love.

We are still working some things out... like getting him to eat dog food and it took him over 24 hours to pee the first time and a walk to town to get him to go more than once in over 48 hours... but we are both adjusting.  Tomorrow we may try a short ride on Blue.  Starting with a few feet and see if we can make it the mile into town.  I'm going to put him in a backpack on the front of me.  His head is the only thing that sticks out and then put that under my jacket.  It should secure him enough and with him right next to me should help him feel safe.  

I plan to get a dog carrier that attaches to the tour pack for him to ride in.  Will have to wait until the next paycheck or so.  

Here is to a new chapter and a new adventure buddy.  Poco and Nube would of loved Yoska and I know they approve. 


  1. Rescuing a new baby after losing your boys must have been so hard. We adopted kittens a few months after losing Papa and the first few months were SO HARD because they reminded me so much of our beloved Papa and all we had lost. In some ways, it was like losing him all over again. But they are such different little kids, with their own temperaments and quirks and I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many furry kids to love on. So glad to meet Yoska. I'm sure you two will have many adventures together!

    1. It was extremely hard but after a few days it's like he has been with me. I know I'll have days of missing my Poco and Nube... where I cry and feel the loss but it is true, Yoska is his own self which can not be compared to Poco and Nube.

  2. You did good, U have a new child, it doesn't matter how many kids we'd have in life they are all deserving of our love & our care & doesn't mean U have betrayed Poco & Nube, both will be happy to have this new baby as a brother. Both will be happy to see mommy happy again...


  3. Looks to me like a match made in heaven. Glad to see you have new snuggles.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! To both of you!

  5. That baby looks so relaxed and content been with U, he seems happy with his mommy ! N I C E duo !!

  6. Yoska and you look happy together and that'll what it's about. Congratulations

  7. YAY what a lucky pair you two are!