Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Poor Blue

Yesterday I wanted to ride over to Ennis for some groceries and things for Yoska.  Should be an hour tops that I am gone but of course things are never as easy as they seem.

While riding over the mountain my guardian bell and Poco and Nube's tags were making all sorts of racket.  It didn't feel that windy so it was quite odd to actually hear them.  I roll into Ennis and start to feel this dragging of the rear tire and a horrible scraping sound.

I pull over and look to see if something is dragging... nothing.  I check to see if anything is rubbing... nothing.  I ride about a block more and it gets worse so I pull over again and check everything.. can't find anything.  I ride another block to an auto mechanics and ask if they could just take a look and see if they could see anything... nothing.

I decided to get Blue towed back over the hill to home.  I am most positive it is the wheel bearing which I knew would need replacement at some point this year... guess no better time than the present.  Will have to wait a week or two while I get some money for the wheel bearings, brake pads and rear rotor.  Better to get it all done at once since they will have to take the rear tire off for the rotor and bearing.  Going to be one of those things where the labor costs will be more than the parts... and if I can't find someone to get Blue to a mechanic or a traveling mechanic I'm going to have to pay for a tow to the nearest motorcycle mechanic which is 60 miles away.

So, Blue is on a bit of a vacation. :(  Was quite excited to bring Yoska on a ride but it will have to wait.  Luckily, I am only a mile out of town and can walk to work and the library.  Yoska has been walking with me to the library on my days off and I am starting to see his personality come out.

It is funny how things happen.... and how things just don't get me that upset anymore.  I had the cue from my guardians (bell and dog tags) and then when I got to Ennis a huge storm was coming thru.  If I would of rode back home I would of rode thru some major winds, hail and rain.  I guess everything happens for a reason.  

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  1. I've saved a bundle of money just because I have AAA Auto Tow Insurance. Choosing the RV premium plan ($105 per year) allows a person to get a 200 mile tow once a year and three tow's to a nearby mechanic or your home..

    Two years ago I had a construction accident while I was working away from home. I was in the hospital emergency room overnight and the next day I was released. I called my wife and told her I didn't think I could drive home. She suggested that I call AAA and get the car towed home and I could ride with the tow driver. Smart move I passed out two times on the trip home, 197 miles. This insurance is $105 per year. This tow would have cost me over $900 and it was free to me. Something to consider.