Friday, March 25, 2016

A little Blue work and a little work for TicTac

Had a productive couple of hours today.  Michelle and I got the fuel system back together again.

I ended up changing out the fuel filter and the fuel lines.

The fuel filter is the metal part by my thumb... Super simple to change out.  The lines are tough to get on because of the snug fit but Michelle did that like a pro.

Didn't take to long to get everything back in the tank... We also have the cover on and the battery is reconnected.

Now all I need is some gas to try her out.  That has to wait until morning.  I only have a gallon fuel container so we dumped the gas we took out into the car where we are staying.  I thought there was more left than there was so I didn't leave any for Blue. 😒. But all good... Will just get a gallon tomorrow.

Michelle and I finally ordered a new converter for my solar panel.  Our friend Jake picked out the one we needed and it arrived today.  Quick exchange.

This is the old converter.

Here is the new... All you have to do is move the 4 wires from one to the other.

The wires from the battery line looked a bit rough so I snipped off to make a cleaner end.

Tomorrow I will test it out then glue it onto the panel.  The old one will have to stay because it is quite glued on there and I don't want to chance damaging the panel in any way.

Feels good getting things ready and cleaned up for the road.  Michelle has been working on food we will be having on the road.  She loves to cook and is coming up with some recipes that are economical and work well with our kitchen setup and lack of space... She will be starting a blog shortly and I will be sure to share that with all of you.  I get excited by creating more ways to live simply but with things one wouldn't think you could have.

More to come!

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