Saturday, March 19, 2016

Catching up

We have been here in California since the end of January.  We get about 8 hours out and about together a week.  We are caregiving for a friend but it is quite a challenge for me.  I hate being inside sucked into the tv.  I lived that life for many years due to depression and anxiety and it is quite the trigger for me.  

We have about 3 more weeks and then we are off on a cross country trip to our summer gig in New Hampshire... Something more my style.  We plan on taking a month for travel and see some sights along the way.  In New Hampshire, we will be working in a campground for tents and small rigs up to twenty some feet.  We will meet a lot of hikers as there is a ton of hiking and the AT goes by there also.  It is on a river that we can tube in so we are excited.  We will be there for 5 months... The longest I have stayed anywhere since being on the road but we will be glamping it up in TicTac.  We are even thinking about doing a small garden in pots while we are there.  I think it will be quite interesting.

Below are a few of our adventures while we have been here.  

Big Basin

We have been to Santa Cruz multiple times.

Winchester House

We have also been able to catch up on movies.  My favorite is The Lady In The van... Guess cause it will totally be. Haha

Now it is time to get Blue ready for the road.  Not sure what's wrong but she has a bit of a clunkity issue so trying to do some investigating myself.  

More to come...

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  1. New Hampshire for five months is sure to get cold some days. Lots of BLACK FLY to deal with. Bring a good net cover for you picnic table, and good insect repellant for when you are out doing chores in the campground.