Friday, March 25, 2016

Mechanic Jack

I'm getting into this whole mechanic thing.  I love research and figuring things out... not a fan of parts that are hard to budge but all is going well.  I take my time... work a little and then take a break to help with not getting frustrated.  Works really well when something isn't quite going the way I want.  I take a break and when I come back it usually does what I was hoping.

I first took off the cover to the clutch so I could have a quick peak and check on the gasket.  It also gave me something to do while trying to figure out how I was going to get off the floorboard mount and shifters.

I'm trying to keep all screws, nuts and bolts close to, inside or attached to their partner part so I'm sure it all goes back together correctly. :)

I finally got the footboard mount off so I could take off the primary cover.  Quite the stupid piece when you don't have every tool available.  I have been having to buy tools as I go along.  Not many... a couple of sockets and little things which will be great for the road.  I have always carried around some cheap basic tools for little things but nothing for any real bike work.

The front bolt of the footboard mount is easy with a deeper socket but there is a little hiding bolt behind all that mess.  Not a big enough space for a socket so a combination wrench worked but with very little movement it took a little while to get the bolt loose and off.

I can't seem to budge the bolts on the shifters so I took off the primary cover with them still attached.  I'm still able to look at everything and manipulate it a bit.

I'm trying to learn all the right terms... still not there but better than what I was before I started this mechanic adventure.

Everything looks pretty good from a basic look.

Here is the compensator... doesn't jiggle at all so that is a good basic sign.  The chain isn't loose.

This is the primary chain tensioner... Looks good as far as I know. :P

Below is the clutch assembly.  It also doesn't rattle when I try to jiggle it in any way.

I'm not sure what that ware line is around the outside... is it suppose to be there???  or is it a weld of some sort... seems odd.  Need to do some research on that.

I did purchase a new primary gasket.  Figured I was going in so I should just replace.  The new one is on the top and the old one is on the bottom.  Nothing is ripped or worn on the bottom but better to be on top of that then having to open her up just for a gasket and they are pretty inexpensive.

I also worked on the fuel line.  It took me some courage gaining to pull the hoses off.  I'm always afraid I am going to break something forever... and really... that isn't likely and things are replaceable.  So, I pulled off the hoses on the fuel pump and I actually found a hole!!!  I was very excited because I felt like I was doing good.

Now I will have to figure out how to put on the replacement hose, which for whatever reason, is an inch shorter than the hose that was in there.  It came from a part made for my bike.  The shop I have been going to near here let me buy the hose without having to buy the whole filter.

These are also very tough to get on since you want a snug connection... but it seems like it won't fit at all.  I might try using a hair dryer or something to loosen up the end a bit for placement.

I did accomplish changing out the other fuel line that goes to outside the tank.  That one was super simple.

You push up on the metal thing while pulling down on the black hose.  It pops right out.  Then you use a 7/8 socket and loosen up the metal piece and it comes right off.  The replacement piece comes with a new metal piece so you stick the hose right thru, tighten it up and push up the metal part to reattach the hose.  Now I have to attach it to the pump which will be a pain since it is a tight fit.

While everything was open I thought I would check inside the tank and I found this piece of plastic...

It is from the fuel pump... remember that piece in the last post where I was unsure... it seemed odd

It's the other part of that... the shop told me it was a breather and not to worry... now I wonder if I have to replace this outer case of the fuel pump... since part of it was in my tank.

Still have things to figure out.  I want to get this fuel issues put back together again so I can start up Blue and figure out if all is working well inside the primary.  That will be the task tomorrow.  Hopefully the hole in the line is all I need to worry about, fuel wise... but I will do some research on the random breather and if it will be an issue.

This has been quite fun to interact with my friends and followers on Facebook as I go along and to share here on my blog.  Feeling a bit less intimidated about what I decided was my task at hand.   Thanks for the encouragement!!


  1. Do you actually know what you are doing, or are you making the best guess ??

    Hope it works for you.

  2. You did good, that's how I fix things,,,

  3. nobody knows what they are doing. i repair stuff that i have never seen before. if nobody will fix something call me. i'm expensive and non negotiable. look at it and figure out what it supposed to do. google and youtube are your friend here. join the online hd forums. ask questions. tell them you are women they will be impressed and receptive. for ever 1:04 you will have 100 3:24s.

    go back to the hd shop and pick their brains. there is absolutly nothing here that you cannot do. always replace gaskets if at all possible. always. tools. alot of tools are one off. have 1 use only. BUT as you go on you will find that they make your life more convenient. ALSO you will need that proper tools to put putt putt back together. very important.

    with your end wrench 6 pt and 12 point. (there are others). 6 p grip better. start and finish with them. 12 p give you more adjustments.

    i have to go run. will post more later.

    you can do this, hell yes you already are. keep it up.

    ice cream. raz

  4. The fuel line is shorter so that it is less likely to rub on the inside of the tank, which is what caused the hole in the old one.