Monday, April 27, 2015

Diva Stories

Before you read any further this may be a TMI for some... But for us women who have not hit menopause it might be quite helpful.

Over a year ago I decided I needed to find something different for that monthly visitor... Having the waste and needing to buy products every month or so was 1. Not affordable on a limited income, 2. The products took up too much space in TicTac and 3. The waste of the products are just that... Wasteful.  

I always laugh at the Mary Tyler Moore episode where her Aunt Flow visits... It is truly her Aunt Flow who was a reporter... But always makes me chuckle when Mary tells people her Aunt Flow was coming to visit.  Sorry, nerdy retro TV reference.

Anywhos, I did some research and after laughing for quite some time at the reviews on Amazon I chose to try out the Diva Cup.  

The reviews and description are quite accurate.

1. It really does make a clicking sound when you put it in and turn.  

2. The first time you put it in it feels like you would need a pair of needle nose plyers to get the sucker back out again.

3. Every once in a while when taking it out it makes, what seems to be, the loudest sucking sound.  Quite embarrassing in a public restroom.

Most people who reviewed said they cut off the little extra bit that comes off the cup part.  I left that part on in fear I may never get it out again without it.

Last summer, riding thru Montana, I put in the Diva Cup quickly when I stopped for gas and hit the road again.  I get on the interstate and realized I put the Diva Cup in... Let's say... Differently.  Here I am riding down the interstate with that little extra part vibrating.  There were no exits for over 40 miles.  Gave a completely new meaning to women who call their motorcycle their vibrator...Which I normally take offense to... But this time it was quite true.  Almost an hour later I finally get to the Walmart I was staying at for the night.  I was so embarrassed because it felt like everyone knew what just happened to me.  I could barely get off Blue... I had to of been quite flush... Luckily, I didn't crash along the way.  Makes me chuckle thinking about riding down the interstate wishing there was an exit but yet... wanting to go a little further. Hahaha

I absolutely love the Diva Cup and its ease and not having to buy products every month.  I haven't had any problems... But... The other night I had a dream I dropped it into one of those vaulted toilets.  The next day while at the library I actually did drop it into the toilet.  You have no idea how thankful I was being at a place with running water and soap.... And it didn't fall into the endless pit of a vaulted toilet.

What is also great about the Diva Cup, is for me, it actually shrunk my period.  Less days, less flow and reduced cramps... Truly heavenly.  I am still hoping for an early menopause but until then the Diva Cup will be with me.  Takes up little space, no waste and saves money.  Great thing to have when living simply on the road.


  1. That's the funniest thing I've ever read to my wife. Can't believe you've had no comments. Take care and have a good time on your next road.

  2. Very interesting - and funny - post. I loved it! I get this mental picture... Anyway, I think the Diva Cup is an amazing invention (probably invented by a woman). I'm too old to have to worry about it now, but I wish they'd had them when I was younger!

  3. Hilarious! Really funny visual :D Love your stories and down to earth writing style, very refreshing:)