Sunday, April 12, 2015

TicTac Advertising

I decided I'm selling Ad space on TicTac.  Blue, TicTac and I are constantly getting our picture taken, stared at, comments being made about the bumper stickers I just put on.  I think this will be the perfect real estate for small businesses.  I also think the collage of Ads will be quite interesting and brighten up the dull white of TicTac.

So if you or someone you know owns a small business and wants to get it out there in a unique way think about TicTac Advertising. :)

5x5 inch space on the back, front, driver's side or passenger's side.  Choose the side you want your ad to be placed.
$1500 for 1 year. 
(Business supplies 5x5 car sticker to be placed on TicTac)

For more information or get your TicTac space email

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