Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Slab City 2015... The Love of Jesus

I did a short video of where I stayed at the slabs for a night this year.  You can view some posts I made last year about my time in the Slabs here.

This year I stayed at the Christian Center close to the entrance of the Slabs... recommended by my friend Renee.  I met Smiley who was a nice guy and very helpful.  What I think is interested about a place like the Slabs... some of them who have Jesus have an intense love for Jesus but yet they don't judge.  Unlike some of the people in society who say they love Jesus but somehow think they are his messenger to judge.  I think some of those people need to spend some time with Smiley and another man I met while at the Christian Center.

Smiley has the Christian Center open to all... he is sure to tell you that when you stop by.  He gave me water... which is quite the commodity in the Slabs and welcomed me to spend some time in the chapel.  Wish I would of been there to see a service but maybe next year.

The other man I met had rode his bicycle with his son all around the country and settled in the Slabs.  He asked me if I had Jesus... and he told me Jesus is the reason he was able to do and see all the things in his life.  Not once did he tell me I needed Jesus... not once did he judge me because of the way I looked or his presumptions on my sexuality.  He just told his story and wished me a good day.

I don't mind hearing how people love Jesus... I do mind when the love of Jesus becomes an excuse to hate.

Another reason I love spending time in Slab City.

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  1. Meu irmão recomendou que eu gostasse deste site.
    Ele estava totalmente certo. Este post realmente fez o meu dia.
    Você não pode imaginar quanto tempo eu gastei com esta informação!