Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekend camping with a friend

This last weekend a friend from Albuquerque came to Arizona to camp with me for a few nights.  We first met in Clints Well, Arizona.  About 60 miles south of Winslow.  What a beautiful 14 day stay area.  It had actual sites, fire rings, picnic tables and a toilet (which smelled and looked like someone exploded in there).

Blue and TicTac in our spot

I was there 2 nights completely by myself before my friend came.  I was cold but really didn't think anything of it. Just figured I was a wimp and had to get use to it.  I did have a little snow on TicTac when I woke up Friday morning.  What a difference it makes sleeping in the cold without my boys.... They gave out a lot of warmth.

This is our spot from the edge of the spot.  Must of been the camp host spot at one time.

By Friday people started to show up.  That afternoon a woman stopped by to see my rig.  She lit her cigarette and started to tell quite the story.  Started with a political rant... On to domestic violence, a husband who was part of the mob, working for the CIA, being raped by Obama in Chicago and back to a political vote for Hilary because domestic violence needs to be stopped in this country.  She could really tell a story... You couldn't get a word in edgewise but it was interesting as she chain smoked the entire time... At one point she had 3 lit cigarettes in her hand.  My friend showed up a little bit into the conversation and probably an hour later this random woman was leaving.  The only thing I didn't like is she would take a step towards me, stare me in the eyes, point with the hand with the current smoking cigarette and say "you know where I'm going with this" every few minutes.  I just nodded my head.

By Friday evening the campground was full.  A family with a popup trailer didn't have a place to park so I offered for them to stay in our spot with us.  They declined and went looking elsewhere for a campground.  

My friend and I opened a bottle of whiskey and started a fire.  After a bit we decided to walk around the campground.  It only has 7 sites so it is quite small.  We met a couple from Canada who were biking around Arizona and might go thru parts of New Mexico.  We met 2 ladies who were RVing together and heading to a party somewhere in the woods the next day.  On our way back to our site the family with the popup came back in the campground and took us up on our offer.  They set up camp while my friend and I had the most delisious jalapeƱo and cheese dogs, marshmallows and whiskey.

The family pretty much kept to themselves and my friend and I stayed up quite late talking about everything from how to pee in the woods, relationships, work, family, friends, disappointment and everything in between.

At the end of the night she went to sleep in her tent and I went back to TicTac.  It was the coldest night... Or maybe it was the whiskey but I couldn't get my lower leg to my toes warm.  I had on 2 pair of wool socks and I tried a hot hand but the hot hand would get cold after a minute or two on my foot.  The rest of my body was warm but my feet made it quite miserable.

The next morning we decided to go back to Cottonwood and warmth.  I chatted with another group of campers while my friend was packing up her tent and stuff.  It was 2 couples who were super nice.  They asked me what we were talking about the night before.  They said they saw one of us going from a squat to a stand over and over again and that some of our conversations was quite funny.  I'm assuming that was the demonstration my friend gave of how to squat to pee in the woods.  And who knows what parts of the conversations they heard. Haha

Once we were all packed up we headed back to Cottonwood and a huge temperature difference.  We went 60 miles from well over 7000 feet to around 4000 feet and close to a 20 degree difference.

Campsite in Cottonwood.
Our spot in Cottonwood.  My friend slept in her car that night.

The fire ring I made. :)
I made us a fire ring and it looked quite good.

Fixing the knocked over rocks the next morning.
My friend left after 1 night for an interview in Phoenix but stopped by for another night on her way back to Albuquerque.  Another night of whiskey, marshmallows and the yummy hot dogs... And of course conversation about everything.

I always feel like Alexander Supertramp when I sit outside TicTac
My friend took this most fabulous photo. 

We also saw 2 baby cows down the road.  This 14 day stay area is in open range so cattle sometimes stop by.  

Mooo cows :)
These 2 were on the road going out of the campground.

It was quite the fabulous few days.  I love I can find people to camp with.  My friend isn't an RVer or living on the road... She comes to camp with a tent for the weekend when I am somewhat close to her.  Truly cool!


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