Sunday, April 5, 2015

Great few weeks

Here are a few pics from my travels the last few weeks.  Spent 10 or so days around Descanso CA, a night in Slab City, a couple of nights in El Centro CA and now spending the month of April in Arizona.  Taking it slow and enjoying each area.  I have spent a lot of time with my friend Renee who is also traveling in this area.  It has been quite fun.

Cleveland National Forrest/Anzo-Borrego Desert

Snowbirds are mostly gone in Slab City so I spent a night by the Christian Center and met Smiley.

Playing pool with my friend Renee in El Centro, CA (check out Renee's blog at

Renee and I crossed the border to Mexicali BC for lunch

Then headed to Quartzsite.  Staying on some BLM land for a few days.  Also met up with Renee again for a day.

I actually had 24 hours of peace... No one coming up to me to ask questions about Blue and TicTac... Driving by way to close to take a look.  It was heaven!! I sat outside and read a book in peace.

Beautiful sunset.

Renee's Shantilly and Blue and Tictac in Quartzsite (photo by Renee)

Spending a few more days here in Quartzsite then heading to higher ground and cooler temps in the Cottonwood/ Sedona area.

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