Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rain, rain, go away!

Of course the day after I wash Blue and TicTac, since it hasn't rained in weeks to wash off the bird poo that has been on TicTac since Descanso, it rains.  More than 20 drops of rain.

Clean Blue and TicTac

The clouds moving in

It rained for a few days.  Since where I have been parked is dirt/gravel I had to find some sort of paved area to stay in.  The Walmart in Cottonwood had a recent incidence with campers in the parking lot so they are not allowing people to park overnight.  There isn't another Walmart that allows overnight parking in around 50 miles.  I was a bit panicked, not sure where to go, but that only lasted a couple seconds.  There are gas stations by the interstate and in a pinch I can usually convince them to let me stay... Being a biker in bad weather has its benefits.  I did remember that there was a paved pull off down the road from where I was staying before you enter the RV park.  I decided that will be the place.  It's outside their property but I did go to the gate and tell them I would be staying there until the rain is done and the dirt is dry.  I didn't ask... I pretty much told them because there really wasn't much of an option.  Driving the 50 miles in rain and southwestern winds can be dangerous and there just wasn't a need.  They said that will be fine since I am small.

It's been nice but I miss the place I have been staying and I was hoping to go to another 14 day stay area between Cottonwood and Sedona that I hear has great views for the weekend.  This paved pull off works and way better than a gas station or Walmart parking lot.  

I'm really enjoying these off the beaten path places.  I'm getting better riding into and thru them...Still slow and cautious.  I think it is the third bump TicTac creates that keeps me cautious.  A lot of these places are full of potholes, random big rocks and uneven ground caused by the RVs and cars going thru when wet.  I can handle the occasion third bump on paved roads that may jolt you back or try to buck you off but the gravel and dirt roads are a bit more slippery and my foot can slip easily if I have to put it down to stop.  So, for now I'm still very cautious and at times you will see me "walking" it down the BLM road.  I am getting better... One day I'll be able to ride right thru there as if TicTac wasn't attached. 

Roads are still a bit muddy but hoping they dry with a day or two of sun.  Maybe I should go wash Blue and TicTac in California so they can get some rain... But then I would feel bad about using their water.


  1. Bummer when the weather is bad and one must go with Plans B & C. Glad it worked out OK. That WMT was the location of the recent shoot-out with law enforcement that sent shock waves through the RV community. Just some bad timing.

    1. Yep, but it all works itself out. I'm beginning not to be a fan of Walmarts... loving this in the middle of nowhere camping.